And so it begins…

Welcome to my Ever After, the part of the fairy tale the Grimm brothers neglected to include in any of their collected stories. As I now live it, it is more than clear as to why that part wasn’t written– despite all the dragons slain, damsels saved, and witches served their just desserts previously– the main character(s) still face new foes to battle to maintain that happily ever after. So basically, one tale’s ending is only the beginning of another, then another, and another. A quest without end is simply not as satisfying to the reader as what is told in storybooks.

As an adult, I have quickly realized that life is no storybook. However, I have come to realize the power of knowing I am the one writing my story. Rather than be discouraged by my reality not living up to childhood fantasies– I have become empowered knowing that reality is an experience I create, and can have its moments of magic to rival even the most fantastic of fairy tales.

I am in my mid-thirties and still figuring out the answer to the “What do I want to be when I grow up?” question, despite being 6 credits shy of master’s degree in English. I am a mother of two children, and ex-wife to the one man I have ever truly loved. Currently, my ex-husband and I have gotten off the high-conflict emotional roller-coaster ride so often accompanying a relationship’s end. Together we are working toward a revision of our partnership that evokes positive resolutions for not just our children, but for ourselves. This blog will be my place to post and share exactly how effective this revision process is in practice. My intent it to provide honest reflection on what we both succeed and struggle with throughout this endeavor..

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